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About Us

Barron Academy is committed to providing a learning environment where students’ hearts and minds explore new opportunities and achieve academic success. Our goal is to transform the way children perform at school and within the community by adopting new and essential thinking and learning processes. In order to accomplish this, Barron Academy employs unique and stimulating strategies that will ultimately help our children blaze the path for the future. It is the culmination of a dream that we have been sharing with people for nearly a decade as a corporation. The experiences of our staff are almost unmatched in their knowledge of the subjects being addressed at conferences and speaking engagements where we provide highly specialized work and direct contact with hundreds of people. BA is relied upon by many state agencies, local school districts, and community organizations for a broad range of trainer staffing and trainer consulting services.


Meet our Director

The administrative staff members alone bring more than thirty years of pioneering efforts in the fields of educational programs and grants, program implementation, and training. Our Chief Executive Officer and Director, Gretchen D. Barron, has a great deal of experience in implementing statewide initiatives as detailed on her resume. Mrs. Barron has been engaged in educational program implementation and grant writing and management for over 18 years. Her previous job performance and experience has engraved her with the skills to properly assess programs to ensure that it is successfully implemented and maintained. Mrs. Barron served as the Interim State Administrator for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program in the Office of Safe Schools & Youth Services at the South Carolina Department of Education and successfully managed a $13.5 million yearly budget (excluding carryover) funding over 90 programs within the state of South Carolina. As Assistant Director of Program Development and Grants at the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, she oversaw grants awarded to SCDJJ to ensure that grantor-reporting requirements were met and served as the Interim Juveniles Experiencing Excellence Program State Director, an employability program for juveniles. Prior to her leaving SCDJJ, she collaborated on a grant that provided juveniles “behind the fences” with Work Keys, GED testing, and job placement. The funding agency was the State Workforce Investment Board.

She is a PROUD graduate of the University of South Carolina and Kaplan University.

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Barron Academy is a success-oriented tutoring program designed to bring your child to or above grade level, in reading and math, while providing the study and organizational skills needed to learn independently. Barron Academy provides large group sessions with ratios of 1:15.


  • To provide a high-quality age-appropriate academic environment to help students meet state and local standards by providing homework assistance and small group tutoring sessions when needed.

  • To provide academic enrichment opportunities that complement the regular school day academic program.

  • To ensure that students are offered a variety of recreational and enrichment opportunities.

  • To development, a community partnership with the school officials, which will allow BA staff to communicate the strengths and weaknesses of the students, enrolled.​

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